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Powering Up Research: The MMM Hub

The significance of High Performance Computing in materials research has recently been recognised by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in the award of £4 million to a consortium of partners to create a new national supercomputing centre, the Materials and Molecular Modelling Hub. The HPC facility that the MMM Hub hosts is known as Thomas, a 17,000 core machine designed to support small to medium sized capacity computing focusing on materials and molecular modelling.The launch of this Tier 2 supercomputer on the 14 September was designed to raise awareness amongst the entire UK Materials and Molecular Modelling community of the accessibility and capabilities of this new UK-wide High Performance Computing Hub.

We were pleased to meet researchers, support staff, academics and industry members from across the interdisciplinary field of materials, be they physicists, chemists, engineers, materials scientists, biologists, geologists and more.

We welcomed leaders in the field, including Dr Susan Morrell (EPSRC), Prof. Mark Miodownik (UCL) and Massimo Noro (Science Leader High Performance Computing at Unilever). Full talks and presentations are available below, as well as the panel Q&A podcast.

From our Researchers

“Terrific computational science across length and time scales”

“immediately kindled my enthusiasm”

“All of the afternoon’s talks were related in some way to my research and greatly inspired me”

Listen to the podcastModelling ‘Magic’ Nanoparticles, KCLDownload presentation | AudioModelling Aggregation Induced Emission In Molecular Crystals, QMULDownload presentation | AudioAtomistic Control of Dynamical Properties of Energy Materials and Beyond, Queen’s University Belfast Why Tier 2 Centres? EPSRCDownload presentation | AudioModelling for Industrial Applications, UnileverDownload presentation | AudioAdvanced Modelling of Surfaces and Interfaces with Focus on Tribological Applications, Imperial College LondonDownload presentation | AudioRandom Explorations of Materials Structure Space: working with computers and nature, The University of CambridgeDownload presentation | AudioMaterials for the 21st Century, UCLDownload presentation | Audio