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Research Data

New technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence has increased the possibilities for data-driven research and its growing importance across disciplines is making data policy, infrastructure and management a key concern for universities.

Data intensive institutions across the globe are developing ways to optimise the potential for data-driven research. Better connections between research facilities, storage services and high-speed data networks across distance makes data-driven research collaborations between different institutions even easier.

Through its university partners, SES actively seeks to contribute to national and international forums and work with funders and interest groups, to develop an optimal policy and infrastructure framework for our research communities.  

SES is also committed to supporting researchers to manage their data effectively, from planning research activity through to the long term archiving and curation of data and is exploring some areas of shared interest.

Research Data Café

Staff from SES universities play a key role in helping to deliver better academic support in data management.

Through working groups that we coordinate, they are sharing knowledge about how to better support data-driven research at their institution. One of these groups is the Research Data Café which takes place every term.

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Case Study

Research Data Transfer Zone

SES worked with Jisc and Diamond Light Source (Diamond) to establish a coherent framework that will significantly increase the end-to-end data speeds between SES partners and Diamond.


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