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Climate Change

Our member institutions are all taking action on climate change whether on campus, through their research activities or in their role in influencing policy, both in the UK and overseas.

A bright aurora crowns Earth's horizon beneath a starry sky as the International Space Station flew into an orbital sunrise 264 miles above north Montana in the United States credit: NASA JSC

You can find out more about each institution’s individual goals and policies for climate change and sustainable development on their websites:

If you have any stories or case studies relating to sustainability and climate change that you would like to share, please email Rosie Niven.


Reflections on COP28: how our partner universities are inspiring a green revolution 

Universities and the ground-breaking research from their dedicated teams have long influenced the conversations and change connected to COP. Here are highlights from some of our members’ COP-related research and activities. 


Green labs go global with LEAF

Sustainable practices are becoming the norm in labs across the world thanks to the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF).

Case Study

Climate change modelling and DAFNI’s role in the OpenCLIM project

DAFNI, an infrastructure research platform managed by a University of Oxford-led partnership, is to play a significant role in assessing the risk of climate change in the UK.

Bedruthan Steps is a truly spectacular landscape on the north Cornish coastline, a few miles east of Newquay. © UCL Media Services - University College London, credit: Mary Hinkley
Case Study

How Queen Mary University of London is revolutionising marine wave energy

A wider range of renewable energy sources are needed to accelerate the phasing out of coal and fossil fuels so scientists are exploring more cost-effective ways of generating marine energy power.

A lab at UCL where LEAF was developed. Alejandro Walter Salinas Lopez ©2019 UCL. ISD Digital Media. University College London. All rights reserved.

Making laboratories greener with LEAF

Historically, universities have lacked guidance on how to make labs more sustainable. Now SES members are using the LEAF framework to build sustainability into day-to-day lab usage.

Wind turbines in a field in North Wales. © UCL Media Services - University College London

How our universities are supporting COP26

COP26 in Glasgow is showcasing the innovation and research influencing policy makers’ decisions on climate change. Find out how SES member universities are contributing.