Who we are

The Science and Engineering South Consortium (SES) is formed by the Universities of Oxford, CambridgeSouthampton, Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London, King’s College London, and University College London. The consortium works with other centres of research excellence in the UK and around the world.

Access to high-value research equipment and expertise are common challenges across academic disciplines. By pooling demand and resources in the science and engineering communities, access to a wider range of equipment and expertise can be obtained that could not be justified or supported by the universities if they acted alone, enabling researchers to achieve things that would otherwise be impossible.

In conjunction with healthy competition, collaborative research stimulates the exploration of new ideas and produces innovations that have a positive impact on society and industry. Our researchers work on a variety of innovating projects, from slowing the ageing process to designing more effective drugs to building better boats. Applications are wide and varying, providing an exciting future for UK research and industry.  To read more about how our researchers are working together and accessing shared research equipment, visit the SES showcase section.

“SES has demonstrated how coordination of efforts and resources can leverage our collective expertise to deliver cutting-edge research findings that are helping society respond to its most pressing concerns”

Prof. David Price
UCL Vice-Provost (Research)
SES PVC Executive

Our Presence

Funding for Collaborative Research at SES (with 2 or more members)

£135,542,770 of EPSRC funding

Holding the top 3 places for EPSRC funding nationally

Imperial College London

“We have developed and shared joint High Performance Computing Facilities that enable researchers at our institutions to tackle new challenges in engineering and science”

Prof. Simon Cox
Professor of Computational Methods
University of Southampton

Founding Principles

  • Universities are regional anchors, integral to their ‘place’ in terms of excellent science, the translation of knowledge and skills into local economies, and being open to industry to benefit from access to leading scientists and infrastructure.
  • Our institutions are globally-leading because they have the autonomy to invest in high quality science, and are dynamic in the competitive environment which is essential for the healthy development of excellent and impactful research.
  • The South is a well-established and widely recognised UK hub for science and technology, supported by leading economic and social research.
  • As communities of scholars and researchers, we believe in, and actively promote, the value of collaboration and the sharing of insights and resources in the UK and beyond.
  • Our institutions, individually and in partnership with others and with industry and the public sector, train and develop the next generation of knowledge workers, raising the profile of UK-based research and innovation.
  • Universities are the key drivers of the knowledge economy.

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