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University of Southampton

The University of Southampton stands for exploration and curiosity, using interdisciplinary thinking, inventive education, and cutting-edge facilities to catalyse change.

It is consistently placed in the top 100 universities in the world by the QS World University Rankings and its scientists are finding solutions for some of the biggest challenges that our planet is facing.

It is the place where fibre-optic research is creating a faster, smarter internet; where the immune system is leading the fight against cancer; and where resources are being secured for the world’s growing populations.

Over 40% of Southampton’s research activities involve industry collaboration; the University consistently ranks first or second in the UK for the financial value of its consultancy and its engagement with small- and medium-sized companies.

Southampton is also renowned for commercialising its research; its business incubation partnership, SETsquared, has been ranked by UBI Global as the World Top Business Incubator managed by a university, since 2015.

The University of Southampton Science Park is one of the largest university science parks in the UK with an annual economic impact of £550m and the University brings approximately £1.3bn into the regional economy.

Professor Liudi Jiang, head of Southampton’s Engineering Materials Research Group, is the LOMIS principal investigator.

Tackling health inequalities through technology

Heath conditions such as diabetes may have a massive impact on an individual, but their prevalence also reflects inequalities in society.

credit: Jason Hawkes

Our universities, transforming communities, industries and the economy

Celebrating the collective successes of Science and Engineering South member universities in the UK Knowledge Exchange Framework

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Case Study

Research Data Transfer Zone

SES worked with Jisc and Diamond Light Source (Diamond) to establish a coherent framework that will significantly increase the end-to-end data speeds between SES partners and Diamond.

Aerial skyline of central London with famous landmarks, River Thames, skyscrapers and Blackfriars Bridge at sunset - London, UK

SES celebrates the DAFNI champions

Six researchers from SES institutions are among 12 DAFNI champions who will get early access to the £8m infrastructure modelling and visualisation platform.


SES institutions to benefit from £14 million for HPC services

Researchers across the Science and Engineering South Consortium (SES) are to share the benefits of a £30 million investment in advanced supercomputing services.

AirGuide’s Dr Eric Numkam Fokoua inspecting a Photonic Band Gap Fibre preform for imperfections

Fibre-optics World Record is No Hollow Victory

A whole array of game-changing, life-shaping technologies, from long-distance telecommunications to laser surgery, have a key component in common: fibre optics that carry pulses of light to their destination at incredible speed.

Professor Mark Spearing

SES Executive Board member