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As London’s global university, UCL is committed to applying its distinctive cross-disciplinary approach to address the world’s most pressing challenges and significant questions. Building on our founding values and history of academic excellence, UCL continues to nurture and celebrate a culture of expertise and collaboration that delivers benefits to society.   

 UCL is committed to working in partnership to maximise the impact of our activities locally, nationally and globally. From working towards improving air quality in our home borough of Camden through the Camden Clean Air Partnership, to developing the Ventura breathing aid with industry partners that has treated 10,000 COVID-19 patients in 130 NHS hospitals across the UK, and in India where 600 devices are being shipped to treat patients affected by the recent surge in cases.   

Our staff and students address societal challenges facing us today – developing national health programmes to support 700,000 smokers to quit – and tomorrow – working with the tech industry to understand how AI might alter society. As we approach our bicentenary, UCL will continue to develop ways to improve people’s lives in London, the UK and around the world.  

Member stories


Green labs go global with LEAF

Sustainable practices are becoming the norm in labs across the world thanks to the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF).

A fibre laser cutting metal at the Zepler Institute. Fibre lasers use considerably less energy than traditional methods and are a key means of decarbonising manufacturing.

How QR funding supports innovation and jobs in our universities

Quality-related research funding has been described by the Russell Group of universities as “the invisible force holding up the UK’s research ecosystem”.

A lab at UCL where LEAF was developed. Alejandro Walter Salinas Lopez ©2019 UCL. ISD Digital Media. University College London. All rights reserved.

Making laboratories greener with LEAF

Historically, universities have lacked guidance on how to make labs more sustainable. Now SES members are using the LEAF framework to build sustainability into day-to-day lab usage.


Accelerating pathways to climate neutral aviation

A research collaboration led by the University of Cambridge is building an interactive model to explore how aviation could transition to net-zero climate emissions.

Wind turbines in a field in North Wales. © UCL Media Services - University College London

How our universities are supporting COP26

COP26 in Glasgow is showcasing the innovation and research influencing policy makers’ decisions on climate change. Find out how SES member universities are contributing.

Shoppers on London's Oxford Street (By: Mary Hinckley) © UCL Media Services - University College London

Recovery can be achieved through empowering our regions – including England’s south east

Regional collaborations, coupled with sustained R&D investment, can support the UK’s post-pandemic recovery.

David Price UCL

Professor David Price

Executive Board Member – UCL

University College London

Matt Davis UCL

Dr Matt Davis

Operational lead – UCL

University College London