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The Data Dialogue: When Research Crosses Borders

In an increasingly globalised world, research is reaching beyond geographical borders, raising questions on the methods, laws, and possibilities in moving or sharing data internationally. As the volume and type of data we create becomes more varied, sensitive, and complex, we need to ask: what are our own responsibilities as professional researchers collecting data overseas? Who is ultimately accountable for data produced with foreign partners? Whathappens when national laws and policy differ dramatically? May strategies be usefully shared within or across disciplines?

The second part of The Data Dialogue – When Research Crosses Borders –  provided Early Career Researchers from a range of disciplines with the tools and knowledge to better approach their research data needs, covering data reliability in foreign countries, challenges with international law, working with foreign governments, and the ethics of undertaking research with foreign subjects.

With case studies revealing tangible experience of working in a foreign landscape, our speakers shared their own discipline-specific examples and the newly realised complexities of cross-border research.

From our Researchers

“Range of topics and professions”

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“Wide range of interesting topics and ideas”

Working with Health Data in an International Environment, London School of Hygiene & Tropical MedicineWatch full talk | Download presentationSupporting Collaboration and Reuse of Research Data at Oxford, The University of OxfordWatch full talk Collecting Ethnographic Data in Tanzania and Ghana, The University of OxfordWatch full talk | Download presentationThe Ethics and Challenges of Conducting Research in Immigration Detention Centres, The University of OxfordWatch full talk | Download presentationManaging personal data across the EU in the age of Big Data and Information Fusion, Imperial College LondonWatch full talk | Download presentationOne Landscape, Two Data Environments, The University of OxfordWatch full talk | Download presentationOpen Data and the Data Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Research, CODATAWatch full talk | Download presentationCollecting, Understanding and Managing Difficult Data in a Post-genocide Context, The University of OxfordWatch full talk | Download presentation