Case Studies

Material Progress

Developing smarter, lighter, more versatile and resilient materials

A Safe Haven for Data

The facility providing safe access to insightful data

Interview: Dr. Yurchnko

The space data leading to astronomical discovery

Tunnel Vision

The iconic wind tunnel helping us fly and sail more efficiently

New Healthcare Possibilities

Screening unborn babies and combating cancer

The Rise of Abzena

A thriving life sciences business at the arrow tip of medical innovation

Interview: Dr. Yurchenko

Searching for inhabitable planets in outer space

A Wireless World

Spinout company Zinwave delivers unique optical-fibre solutions

The Centre of Drug Delivery

Trailblazing work aids development of new drug therapies

The Science of Light

Turning today’s PhD students into tomorrow’s innovators

Oilfield Breakthrough

Supercomputer brings a boost to the oil and gas industries

Interview: Dr. Peter Vincent

CFD for business and manufacturing

A Revolution in Biology

How HPC is boosting cutting-edge biology

Masters in Heritage Science

SEAHA: illuminating heritage and advancing the arts

Interview: Dr. Peter Vincent

Why use HPC? Emerald user Dr. Vincent explains...

Quantum World Insights

Computer code solves a quantum mechanical problem