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Spotlight On: Clinical Imaging Facility at Imperial College London

Each month we post a new edition to the SES ‘Spotlight On…’ series, showcasing equipment at our institutions, providing information and case studies for interested researchers/industries, and promoting better use of already available equipment.

The Imperial College Clinical Imaging Facility (CIF) provides support for interdisciplinary research activities using MRI and/or PET imaging, integrating the physical, biological and medical sciences.

The facility caters for research imaging needs in volunteer subjects and features two key pieces of equipment:

  • An MRI scanner, which comprises a 70cm diameter open-bore, short-axis magnet. It has been equipped with a comprehensive range of transmit/receive coils suitable for many body regions and applications. However, it is principally (but not exclusively) used for fMRI studies across a broad range of neuroscience research themes. The relatively large bore (compared to most MRI systems) ensures a higher degree of subject comfort and compliance.
  • A Siemens Biograph 6 PET/CT scanner featuring 6 slice CT, a multi-detector ring system and 3D reconstruction. An Allogg Automated Blood Sampling System (ABSS) is available for those studies which require arterial blood sampling; there is also an adjacent tissue/blood processing lab with dual-HPLC/radioactivity detectors for tracer metabolite analysis. In addition to neuroscience, this modality is used in oncology studies.

The facility provides the capability to investigate a wide range of clinical conditions using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), electroencephalography (EEG) and transcranial brain stimulation.

They have particular expertise in neuroscience and oncology, as well as multimodal imaging. Part of the Department of Brain Sciences at Imperial College, the facility is located at the Hammersmith Hospital, benefiting from the Hospital’s long tradition of world-class imaging research.

The facility and staff currently support a broad range of applied research studies and have strong links to academics and clinicians as well as commercial organisations.

Dr. Alber Busza, General Manager at CIF, describes the facility as “a friendly, flexible environment for scientists and clinicians in support of fundamental research in a variety of disciplines” also underlining that “our multi-modality capabilities in basic imaging, advanced fMRI, EEG and tracer metabolite analysis provides researchers with the tools necessary to address the pressing scientific and clinical issues in modern society”.

The CIF welcomes research proposals from all academic researchers and industry.

The last decade has seen amazing advances in imaging technology. We can now use imaging to accurately map connections in the brain, track the development of dementia and guide cancer treatment. In the Clinical Imaging Facility we aim to translate these technological advances into improved diagnosis and treatments

 Professor David Sharp, Scientific Director of the Imperial College Clinical Imaging Facility.

Name of Equipment/Tech Details:

  • Siemens Verio 3T MRI Scanner
    • Stimulus presentation and response recording equipment for functional MRI (fMRI)
  • 32-channel MR-compatible EEG system
  • MR-compatible Transcranial Electric Stimulation (TES) system
  • Siemens Biograph 6 PET/CT Scanner
    • Automated arterial blood sampling system
    • Assay laboratory with dual HPLC and radiation detectors

Any SLAs or standards (eg ISO, ..) associated with the facility:

Individual SLA’s between the Facility and external users

Current Research:

Basic neurosciences as well as neurological imaging studies including dementia, brain injury, HIV, appetite and multiple sclerosis. Oncology studies in primarily breast, hepatic and prostate cancer.

Who has access?

All researchers

Do you give preference to a particular type of researcher? E.g. Based on institution, field of research.  


Are there any costs or associated fees?

  • Imaging is charged on an hourly basis.
  • Metabolite analyses are charged on a unit basis.
  • Basic lab. consumables included
  • Specialist consumables (e.g. contrast agent, radiotracer, specialist assays etc) charged per unit

Can it be bought as a service with access to a team of experts?

Yes – but image analysis and metabolic modelling are not provided.

Does it require an on-site visit to use the facility/equipment?


Further information

Where is it located?

Imperial College Clinical Imaging Facility
Hammersmith Hospital
Ducane Road, London
W12 0NN

Potential relevant disciplines: 

Neurosciences, oncology, imaging



Profile picture - Albert Busza

Dr Albert Busza

General Manager of the Imperial College Clinical Imaging Facility