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The TALENT Commission Report

Conor Howell-Bennett - glassblowing technician, University of Nottingham
Conor Howell-Bennett - glassblowing technician, University of Nottingham

A vision for the future of the UK’s technical talent in research has been unveiled following a project funded by UKRI-Research England.

The TALENT Commission report is the outcome of 20 months of in-depth research, stakeholder engagement and evidence gathering within the sector, led by the regional consortium Midlands Innovation.

Commissioners advising the project included Paul Lewis, Professor of Political Economy at King’s College London and James Hetherington, director of the Centre for Advanced Research Computing at University College London.

The report includes 16 recommendations to guide delivery of its vision, plus a series of targeted recommendations for specific stakeholder groups. These seek upskill and sustain the growing workforce, responding to emerging technologies and strengthening the UK’s position in science, engineering and the creative industries.

The report calls for a broadening of technical career entry routes across vocational and academic pathways. It also recommends investing in technical careers at all levels, ensuring that technical staff are involved and considered in decision making processes to strengthen and sustain the technical workforce.

You can view the report via the MITALENT website.