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Modelling ‘Magic’: the Search for Nanocatalysts

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The drive to design new materials with surprising capabilities is a fast-moving frontier of research – and computers are well-established as a crucial tool in accelerating progress. The TOUCAN collaboration, including SES members King’s College London, the University of Oxford and University College London, has shown how modelling & simulation can aid the design of nanoscale catalysts capable of speeding up key chemical reactions used in a range of industrial processes. Harnessing the skills of researchers such as Dr Francesca Baletto of King’s, TOUCAN has taken the first steps on a journey that could see industry develop remarkable new catalysts...
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From London Labs to Global Growth: the Abzena Story

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Successful university spinout companies are a key feature of the UK’s economic landscape – but not many can match the remarkable rise of Abzena, a thriving life sciences business at the arrow tip of medical innovation. From its origins in cross-institutional research at the London School of Pharmacy (now part of UCL) and Imperial College London, to the launch of spinout PolyTherics and its evolution into Abzena, this is a story of how great science and commercial vision have led to new therapies targeting cancer, macular degeneration and other serious conditions. But this is also a tale where close, mutually...
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Emerald Gives Green Light to Oilfield Breakthrough

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Pioneering software designed to help the oil and gas industry boost production and profits has been developed with crucial input from Emerald, the UK’s most powerful supercomputer of its kind. The brainchild of Oxfordshire start-up Ridgeway Kite Software, the new tool is set to deliver a big leap forward in the ability to simulate oil and gas reservoirs – benefiting engineers facing key decisions on how many wells to drill and exactly where to locate them. Harnessing Emerald, a cutting-edge facility developed by three SES members, has helped enable rapid development at affordable cost and confirmed the software’s suitability for use...
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Dr. Peter Vincent – Computational Fluid Dynamics for Industry and Manufacturing. Part Three

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We sat down with Dr. Peter Vincent to gain some insight into his research at Vincent Lab. Dr. Vincent has been a key user of SES machine Emerald, and discusses applications of CFS and his research in various sectors, as well as his collaborations with key businesses and industry members, translating academic research into commercially viable products and resources. To find out more about his research, please read the case study. Don't forget to watch part two.
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