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HPC: An Astronomical Discovery

Why do researchers need to use high performance computing (HPC)? What for? How can it assist their research? In the follow up to EPSRC’s awarding £12 million to help fund new HPC centres across SES institutions, we take a look at one project that has significantly benefited from GPU computing.

Timothy Metcalf (SES Consortium Manager) sits down with Dr. Sergey Yurchenko (Senior Lecturer, UCL Physics and Astronomy) to talk about his research into Exoplanets as part of the Exomol group. Using SES HPC machine Emerald, Dr. Yurchenko and his team of scientists analyse large quantities of space data from telescopes such as Hubble to help determine where we may be able to find inhabitable planets in outer space.

To find out more about Prof. Yurchenko’s work, read the case study and stay tuned for part two.