Equipment Optimisation

Sharing research facilities and equipment to promote efficiency and economic growth.

Together, SES explores how shared infrastructure and training can be used to stimulate further international, national and regional synergies whilst simultaneously engaging with industry to promote economic growth. The SES partners have established a database of research facilities and equipment identifying, those facilities which are available for sharing across the consortium. By encouraging greater collaborative activity, SES is identifying opportunities to provide greater efficiencies in equipment procurement and utilisation and strengthening the UK’s international competitiveness in research.

To achieve and sustain internationally leading levels of research in the fields of science and engineering, good access to research equipment and cutting-edge techniques is essential. Our equipment sharing network meets on a quarterly, rotating basis at member institutions, to share knowledge and explore common issues. Click here for more information on our network members.

Search for Equipment

The search engine is funded by EPSRC, and though a relatively simple technology, allows our researchers to locate equipment, which are internally available at one of our institutions.


Seek to collaborate on procurement as appropriate


Seek to identify opportunities to share in collaborative bids


Share institutional strategies & roadmaps for investment and refresh

Open Data Standards

The Uniquip project was established at the University of Southampton, which partnered institutions across the UK, to define standards for the publication of research facilities and equipment data.  The project was informed by the early work of the SES consortium which helped to define the scope of the Uniquip project.  This project provided the foundations for the development of the project, which aggregates data from published research equipment databases which conform to the Uniquip Data Publishing Specification with the aim to provide a national searchable equipment database.  This national database will use the linked open data techniques developed by the University of Southampton and partners and presents opportunities for the exploitation of the infrastructure along with the future potential to align with and enhance data published through the RCUK Gateway to Research initiative offering access to the wider academic and business communities.

A Spotlight On Shared Equipment

The Green Dream Team

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How efficient labs could progress sustainability and excellence in research An exciting new tool is currently being piloted across the UK in an endeavour to standardise best practice across research efficiency, sustainability and quality. The countless benefits and developments in scientific research are widely known and recognised by society, from better drugs to safer materials and faster technology. However, there’s a rarely reported on ‘dark side’ to science where the materials and energy cost to deliver excellent research, both financially and environmentally, are piling up.  With over 2/3 [1] of total university energy usage consumed by laboratory buildings, it’s no surprise that...
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Spotlight On: The BRAIN Centre

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Each month we post a new edition to the SES 'Spotlight On...' series, showcasing equipment at our institutions, providing information and case studies for interested researchers/industries, and promoting better use of already available equipment. The Biomarker Research and Imaging for Neuroscience Centre (BRAIN) houses a brand new state-of-the-art 9.4T Bruker preclinical MR scanner and various additional equipment. The BRAIN Centre is a newly refurbished preclinical neuroimaging facility run by a team of staff scientists and focusing on the development of translational biomarkers for neurological and psychiatric disorders using imaging and related techniques. The primary methods are Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy (MRI and...
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Image credit: Alastair Philip Wiper