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The Link Between Brain Waste and Alzheimer’s

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Prof. Roxana Carare on how the build-up of plaque in the brain could be the key to Alzheimer's research Roxana Carare is a medically qualified Professor of Clinical Neuroanatomy and experimental neuropathology at the University of Southampton.  Roxana leads interdisciplinary, international research on neuroanatomy and neuropathology, demonstrating the unique lymphatic drainage pathways by which fluid and soluble amyloid are eliminated from the brain along basement membranes within the walls of cerebral capillaries and arteries (Intramural Periarterial Drainage Pathways, IPAD). She currently leads Carare Group, with Professor Roy O. Weller as group mentor, at the University of Southampton. You’ve had quite the...
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Prospects in Data Science – A multidisciplinary symposium

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Set in the heart of the gorgeous New Forest, this high-level event on Data Science organised by the University of Southampton aims to look at the Prospects for Data Science, understood as the interface between Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science providing new methods for handling, analysing and extracting knowledge from data, including Big Data.  Designed as a non-technical, high-level discussion on the state-of-the-art and prospects within data science, particularly interdisciplinary research, the event is open to everyone. Confirm speakers include: John Aston             University of Cambridge Gunnar Carlsson    Stanford University Fai Cheng               Lloyd’s Register Group Dave Coplin  …

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