CORE is the result of an alliance between two of the world’s leading teaching and research institutions, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London. CORE is a breakthrough initiative designed to deliver a world-class HPC and data analysis capability available to organisations of any size across the UK, providing easy access to the combined strength of the two institutions in hardware, software and know-how in HPC and data management.

The CORE e-Infrastructure Cloud amounts to over 300 teraflops sustained double precision computing delivered by over 22,000 Intel processor cores attached to over 3 petabytes of high performance parallel file system. Accessible from the CORE Cloud are some of the single largest systems in the UK, such as the largest and most powerful Intel HPC cluster, the largest single memory space shared memory system and one of the UK’s largest GPU clusters.

Formed as a key component of the UK e-Infrastructure initiative led by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, CORE delivers business-ready High Performance Computing (HPC) and ‘big data’ solutions for industry and academia in the UK. CORE has an important strategic partnership with the Science and Technology Facilities Council via the DiRAC national HPC facility, partly hosted at CORE.