Case Studies

Deep in Thought

How 'brainy’ computers are changing our lives

Protecting Patients

Early Disease Detection at Guy's Hospital

Aiding Unborn Babies

The new MRI imaging techniques helping to diagnose and treat

Trailblazing Training

The Doctoral Training Centre adding to chemistry’s attraction

Facilities with the X Factor

Making the structure of materials crystal clear

Modelling Magic

Nanocatalysts drive the design of new materials

Reassessing Asthma

Biomarkers, business and big Data enable better treatment

Fresh Thought on Forensics

The UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences is rethinking evidence

Interview: Dr. Yurchenko

Life out there: an astronomical discovery

Material Progress

Developing smarter, lighter, more versatile and resilient materials

A Safe Haven for Data

The facility providing safe access to insightful data

Interview: Dr. Yurchnko

The space data leading to astronomical discovery

Tunnel Vision

The iconic wind tunnel helping us fly and sail more efficiently

New Healthcare Possibilities

Screening unborn babies and combating cancer

The Rise of Abzena

A thriving life sciences business at the arrow tip of medical innovation

Interview: Dr. Yurchenko

Searching for inhabitable planets in outer space